Not creepy at all: The accuracy of Facebook's facial-recognition software is closing in on humans. via @FastCompany
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Facebook's Facial Recognition Software Is Almost As Accurate As A Human Eye

The social network's software can select the right face now with 97.25% accuracy.

A new report indicates Facebook's AI team is making big strides with its facial-recognition software. Results from a recent test, which asked simply whether two unfamiliar photos of faces showed the same person, were pretty on target: Facebook's not-yet-released software, called DeepFace, was able to get it right with 97.25% accuracy.

Which is pretty good, considering humans only recognize faces correctly about 97.53% of the time. And it represents an enormous leap compared to where the software was just a year ago. "You normally don't see that sort of improvement," Yaniv Taigman, a member of Facebook’s AI team, told Technology Review. "We closely approach human performance."

[Image: Flickr user dullhunk]

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