Amazon's First 3-D Printed Products Marketplace Is Now Open For Business

Powered by the startup 3DLT, Amazon sends a strong signal about the future of 3-D printing and consumer demand.

Cincinnati-based startup 3DLT, home of the "the first store for 3-D objects," has gone global with the launch of a new storefront on Amazon. The storefront showcases an array of 3-D printed products, from lampshades to jewelry, and, according to the company's CEO, John Hauer, is part of a pilot program by Amazon to introduce 3-D printed products to a wider market.

In an interview with Upstart Business Journal, Hauer explained how the deal came together.

"When we began feeding the products into Amazon, we got a call from them: ‘what are you doing?’" Hauer said. "We said, ‘We’re putting some products in your marketplace.’ They said, ‘That’s all well and good, but we don’t have a category called 3-D printed products.’ We said, ‘We’d like to help you create one.’"

The move by Amazon points to an increased belief that 3-D printing tech can actually be used by the average consumer.

"When it was announced that Amazon would begin selling 3D printers and supplies last summer, the industry heralded it as a defining moment, a clear indication that 3D printing was going mainstream," Hauer noted in a press release announcing the pilot. "We think the decision to sell 3D printed products sends an even bigger message. Consumer products are the next frontier."

[Photo courtesy of BierDoctor]

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  • This strikes me... Isn't 3D Supposed to "by pass channels like amazon" by printing those items in your local 3D printer? Isn't they supposed to be selling model files so you can actually buy-download- and print in your own 3D Printer?

  • Thorne Kontos

    If I want to buy a plastic geegaw, I look for the Made in China label...

  • Nice to see 3D printing gaining more mass adoption. Sculpteo opened an Amazon shop in December representing designers like Nervous System, Novastar Design, Monomer, and others.