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Is This The HTC One Successor?

In 12-minute mini review, YouTube user Roshan Jamkatel showcases what looks like HTC's soon-to-be announced flagship.

[Image: YouTube]

On March 25, HTC is holding a big launch event, presumably to unveil the successor to its stellar flagship Android, the HTC One. But with leaks being all the rage these days, eager fans don't actually have to wait to get a glimpse of it, at least if this new and purportedly unauthorized video is to be believed:

The new HTC One looks a lot like the old version. (Which isn't a bad thing!) How YouTube user Roshan Jamkatel reportedly got a hold of the unreleased device is unclear, although his parents might work (or at least used to work) for the Taiwanese phone maker.

In the 12-minute mini view, the HTC One M8—as Jamkatel calls it—is revealed to have a few imperceptible upgrades, including a dual-flash camera on the back, an expandable memory slot for microSD, and a new digital home button. It looks to be running Android 4.4 KitKat, too, and has a new version of HTC's BlinkFeed home screen.

Now, the whole video could very well be an elaborate fake. Except HTC communications manager Jeff Gordon may have tipped the company's hand by apparently engaging with Jamkatel on Twitter. (The incriminating tweets have since been deleted.) "He was excited and wanted to have fun," Gordon tweeted at another user, however, "not realizing he was getting someone in trouble. :-("