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VSCO Cam Photo App Now Lets You Follow Other Users

The best photo-editing app on iOS just entered the social media world. But it's not Instagram—yet.

[Image: VSCO]

Fans of VSCO Cam love the app for its advanced photo-editing chops and sublime film-like filters. Now its creators are looking to expand into a new arena, one the majority of smartphone photographers should be familiar with: Social networking. VSCO Cam for iOS just rolled out a new update that expands its Grid feature into a scrollable, browsable stream. (Android users will get it soon, too.) Now, users can follow other VSCO users in the community to keep track of their photo exploits.

Sound familiar?

"This new release of VSCO Cam makes it easier to create your VSCO Grid, share images and discover amazing content from photographers around the world," says VSCO in a blog post.

While the app does bear a striking resemblance to Instagram, there are a few key differences worth noting. First, you can't comment or "like" another person's photo—or at least not yet. It's a nice refuge from Instagram's (at times) spam-heavy echo chamber.

Secondly, VSCO Cam let's users call up compositional information normally reserved for metadata: Stuff like aperture, ISO, flash, and VSCO filter used.

It's a nice touch that should appeal to smartphone photo nerds, especially if you're interested in the artistic nuances of photo composition. Perhaps VSCO's anti-Instagram spirit will carry on after all.