Shopify's 2013: 82,000 Merchants, 22.7 Million Orders, $1.68 Billion In Sales

If you're an American adult, your likelihood of having bought something from a Shopify store last year is one in nine.

With the help of Shopify's platform, close to 82,000 merchants generated $1.68 billion in sales in 2013, according to the company's year-end report. As Shopify expanded its presence, vendors shipped 22.7 million orders in 121 countries, totaling 27.7 billion kilometers--that's 159 round trips to the sun, the startup says. All in all, if you're an adult in the U.S., you had a one in nine chance of having bought something from a Shopify store last year.

Named one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies in 2012, Shopify capped off 2013 by raising $100 million in a series C round to provide a single platform for merchants to manage online and offline inventory, sales, and operations.

In August, Shopify launched a point-of-sale iPad product to streamline its services, a direct competitor to Square's Stand register. Furthermore, capitalizing on the Bitcoin frenzy, the startup announced in November that it was accepting the virtual currency, using BitPay as a payment processor.

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