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Aereo Case Heads To The Supreme Court

The nation's highest court said Friday it will hear the case ABC, Inc., v. Aereo, Inc.

[Image: Flickr user Mark Fischer]

The Supreme Court said Friday that it will hear the heated case between Aereo and network broadcasters.

ABC, Inc., v. Aereo, Inc. was one of eight cases that the Supreme Court has agreed to review, suggesting the Aereo suit might be heard in the coming months and that a decision could be made as soon as the summer. Streaming over-the-air television, Aereo's TV platform has posed a threat to the major broadcasters, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox, which have in turn unleashed a slew of lawsuits, claiming the service violates copyright laws. It seems the startup is so disruptive that everyone's suing it. Aereo overcame a major legal hurdle in 2012 when a New York judge declared the service legal.

In a statement, Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia said:

We said from the beginning that it was our hope that this case would be decided on the merits and not through a wasteful war of attrition. We look forward to presenting our case to the Supreme Court and we have every confidence that the Court will validate and preserve a consumer’s right to access local over-the-air television with an individual antenna, make a personal recording with a DVR, and watch that recording on a device of their choice.