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Watch: Jerry Seinfeld, Patton Oswalt Shill For Uber

Comedians in cars sharing rides?

The formula for Jerry Seinfeld's web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is simple: Comedians get in ... um ... cars—but really nice cars—and ... well, get coffee. But two things keep viewers (like me) watching: The cars are always badass, and the comedians (and Jerry) always stumble on something surprising and hilarious. Jerry shows up to get Chris Rock in an orange 1969 Lamborghini P-400S Miura and they talk about bullying, for example. He gets Louis C.K. in a doorless, wicker-seat Fiat Jolly (essentially a golf cart)—they hit the highway and get on Louie's boat, where he tells the full story of getting stuck for 12 hours on a muddy sandbar with his kids while Bronx residents heckled him. You get it.

For the latest, Jerry picks up Patton Oswalt in a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12, the stainless steel car made famous as a time machine in Back To The Future. (SPOILER ALERT) This one breaks down just about two minutes after Oswalt gets in.

So they call Uber.

Then Jerry reboots the show with the same cheesecake shots and description of the car—a 2012 Honda Accord SE sedan (Honda's the parent company of Acura, a longtime sponsor of the series, coincidentally) driven by "Yuri," from Armenia. Yuri and Uber get their own graphics.

I wonder if Seinfeld and Oswalt got a break on the surge pricing for the plug—or was the whole thing an ad for Uber?

At 8:25, mid-coffee, the DeLorean goes by on a flatbed. Back to the ... garage. (I will never be a guest on Jerry's anything.)