Investor Tim Draper's Plan To Make Silicon Valley Its Own State

Venture capitalist Tim Draper has an extraordinary plan to change California's future by splitting it into six smaller states.

Last year, when we spoke to famous tech investor Tim Draper about his family's influence in Silicon Valley, he mentioned his next venture would be trying to turn the Valley into its very own state. "I've already written up a constitution," he said. He wasn't kidding.

Sometime today or tomorrow, Draper will officially petition the state Attorney General with his idea to split California into six separate substates. Silicon Valley would be its own region, as would Southern California. Los Angeles and Santa Barbara would become part of "West California."

Draper is serious and his ballot proposition is all about increasing representation in Washington with more senators, creating competition between the new states, resetting old-fashioned laws, making more state-appropriate laws, and so on.

Secessionist movements have come and gone in U.S. history as the political tides have washed over the country, and California has seen its fair share. But as well as Draper's oddball idea, there are other solutions being mooted for fixing the distortion that Silicon Valley exerts in California, including Peter Thiel's weird idea of creating a floating sovereign state that would operate under its own laws, including being able to attract international tech talent that is currently being failed by the U.S. immigration system.

There's undeniably some charm to Draper's idea. But would it actually work?

[Image: Flickr user mdalmuld]

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  • Steven Dalton

    Oh I see, divide an already awesome state so that more politicians could will be in key positions to influence self interest and sell off what is left of our civil liberties for lucrative retirement plans and cushy corporate board seats.

  • Adrien F.

    Sounds to me like the bad side of Silicon Valley, at its worst "let's create our own community of young, wealthy, tech-savvy people so that we don't have to deal with the real world."

  • snake

    why not just flood the san fernando valley and then turn the newly formed island into a maximum security prison?