Spotiamp Will Keep Winamp Alive Forever

It's Winamp, Spotified.

Winamp, the legendary music player, may or may not die on December 20 after a 15-year run. If it does, Spotify is making sure you won't miss it.

The streaming service has released Spotiamp, a music player that looks exactly like the third-generation Winamp player for Windows. The program will play all your Spotify playlists, search for music, and use Shoutcast to play music on speakers, all in classic Winamp style. The caveat? You need a $9.99 per month Spotify Premium subscription to use it, which is chump change if you're a die-hard Winamp fan.

Just in case Winamp is actually discontinued today, make sure you sign this petition for AOL to open-source it.

[Images courtesy of Spotiamp; Flickr user Jon Bragg]

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  • inadarei

    I was told AOL has considered open-sourcing winamp but the codecs used are so sunk in various patents and copyrights that they cannot open-source winamp even if they were dying to.