Reddit User Discovers Her Secret Santa Is Bill Gates

"All the presents I just tore open was from Bill Gates... my jaw hit the ever-loving floor," said the user, NY1227.

He may not have gifted her the iPad she wanted, but Bill Gates proved a very generous Secret Santa to a Reddit user. NY1227 wrote a post last night to reveal that the RedditGifts' elf-matching service had paired her with the Microsoft founder. Not that she worked it out immediately--well, would you, if your package was addressed to you like this?

It wasn't until the recipient discovered a photo in the package of the software creator turned philanthropist cuddling a cow that she realized who it was from.

As well as gifting a cuddly cow and a travel book, Gates donated a cow, via Heifer International, to a family in the developing world, in her name.

The post is a joy to read. For example: "My santa had not messaged me, but I knew I was super thorough and have a pretty good posting history so I wasn't too worried that my santa would stiff me. Finally, I received a shipped notification to my email on Monday- I was SO SO SO excited but even more excited when I realized A) my gift was being OVERNIGHTED and B) it was 7 pounds- OMG!"

Let us reiterate, it is a joy. "Thank you so much Bill for a fantastic and thoughtful gift. I'd really love to send a thank you card to you, but if not, I hope this post and message suffices. Thank you so much!!!!!! I will think of you every time I read my book, which will find a nice home on my coffee table once I'm done reading it. 10/10, I would receive a gift from Bill Gates again. "

And finally, she added a postscript: "Sorry for the apple ipad on my wishlist, that was really awkward."

[Image: Flickr user wka]

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  • GreatGrandma

    Well good for him. Heifer International is one of the best charities around/

  • love54

    i did this years ago bought a cow for a small village in Ecuador …..for the little girls i supported …but u need a bull to keep the mommy having babe or her milk goes away …so one cow will not do the trick..

  • Dan Gayle

    I thought that if you keep milking it every day, it keeps producing. I raised cows as a kid, but not milk cows.

  • love54


  • Samuel Garcia

    We know that he didn't give her an iPad because it's an APPLE product. Should've asked for an X-box One.

  • Andrew W

    she didn't know it was going to be Bill Gates head of time. Thus why this story is so awesome.

  • Strangelove

    The picture everyone passes around on Facebook says so, so it must be true. ;-)