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Code Fellows Guarantees $100K Salaries For "Top Bootcamp Applicants"

But the definition of a "top" applicant is vague, and the hack school isn't listing a set of criteria for qualified candidates.

[Image: Flickr user hackNY]

Hack schools aren't all they're cracked up to be. While some graduates of rigorous coding bootcamps successfully land software jobs, many students get left behind, far from the six-figure salaries they had hoped for.

Over the last few years, a number of hack schools have reined in students' expectations, but Code Fellows in Seattle announced Wednesday it is guaranteeing $100,000-plus salaries for its "top bootcamp applicants" in 2014. The school already touts an $82,000 average salary, with its top-grossing grad landing $155,000. But the term "top applicants" is vague, and Will Little, cofounder and CEO, says there's no set number of guarantees for each class, though he'd "love to see whole bootcamps filled with these top applicants."

"We also have purposely not listed a set criteria, as hiring software engineers has become more of an art and less of a science," Little tells Fast Company. "Our job is to identify talent that is eight intense weeks away from being a highly talented developer in a specific area of software."

The variables make that guarantee sound a lot less like, well, an actual guarantee. A representative did note that less experienced applicants are "eligible for a $60,000-plus guarantee as a default."