The European Central Bank has turned to gamification to help familiarize people with a new €10 note that will be launched next month.

The game is a browser-based clone of Tetris.

It contains four levels. Beating each level unlocks a different security fact about the new note in the grid of squares on the right.

As you can tell, Tetris isn't really one of our strong suits.

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Play Tetris To Understand The New €10 note

The European Central Bank is turning to gamification to familiarize people with the new note's features.

You may not have thought banks—those boring, stupor-inducing, ledger-writing institutions—could be any fun, but the European Central Bank might just prove you wrong. The bank, which will introduce a new €10 note next month, has launched an online game to help familiarize buyers and sellers with all the new note has to offer.

The game is a clone of Tetris and has four levels. Finishing each level will unlock a different fact about the security of the new note. Bonus: Beat other players to be in the top 20 scorers and you will receive a special "VIP banknote" signed by ECB president Mario Draghi himself.

But does the gamification actually help with the education process? As Quartz puts it in its roundup of interactive games produced by central banks, it's not that educational, "unless you work in the printing industry."

[Image: Flickr user Images_of_Money]

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