This image was selected for our 10 Paradoxical Traits Of Creative People article, it is also the most popular story on Fast Company for the year of 2013.

Artist statement about the photo: "A friend (pictured) and I found ourselves in my home state, Michigan. During our stay I determined it was only necessary to expose her to the erie vibe of Detroit. While touring the city we had stopped at the Heidelberg "progect". We wandered for some time before coming upon a small playground. The pastel purple geo dome stuck out like a sore thumb against the fading sky and dark green lawn. Please excuse my foot in the mid-upper left of the photo."

Jeff Brown photographs our Digital Hollywood feature for the April 2013 Issue. Pictured is Jaclyn Shanfeld, 29, CEO of Shop Hers, which lets people buy clothes from one another’s closets. United Talent Agency helped launch the startup, a prime case of Hollywood’s broader definition of entertainment.

This photograph by Misha de Ridder captured Marcel Stive (left) and Huib de Vriend on an outcropping they designed to fortify the shoreline. Featured on our "Against The Tide" story; For centuries, the Netherlands has suffered from catastrophic floods. As the rest of the world now reckons with the same fate, the Dutch are sharing--and selling--what they've learned.

Erik Madigan Heck Captures Pharrell's Productivity Secrets

Wyne Veen shot a conceptual idea for the original click wheel iPod to accompany our Oral History Of Apple Design: 1992–2013

Andreas Laszlo Konrath shot The Troubadour Of Compton, and one of the Most
Creative People of 2013, Kendrick Lamar

Megan Caponetto sculpted a candy-scape that was photographed by Jason
Pietra for our Most Creative People coverage of Sugarfina

João Canziani photographed Isabelle Olsson, Google Glass's lead designer for the How Google Taught Itself Good Design

This photo by Grant Cornett led our Body Hackers: Meet The Tech Duo That's Revitalizing The Medical Device Industry feature on fixing the chronic diseases of the Western world by rebooting the surgeries of old (without the gore).

Photographer Teru Kuwayama captured over 75 images from Afghanistan front-lines for our first Digital feature Lead Or Die.

Photos of the Year: 2013

Fast Company curates the best Photos from our coverage in 2013

Plenty of others cast a wide net over the year in photos. These are some of our most innovative moments—in pictures.

In 2013, Fast Company readers met the most creative people, and the leaders behind the most innovative companies. They learned the secrets of productivity (Hint: Unplug!), and got a glimpse of what the future of healthcare looks like. The inspiration continued across digital platforms with stories expanding upon those that appeared in the magazine—a virtual tour of the offices of J.Crew's Jenna Lyons, Lucky's Eva Chen, and sparsely decorated startup Dashlane. Viewers of Fast Company's videos were treated to Ricky Gervais's creative origin story. Readers spent a day in the shoes of an eBay Now deliveryman and learned what it means to have a leadership role in treacherous terrain of Afghanistan. They learned to unlock success by organizing their dreadful messy desks.

Visual communication has radically changed in 2013. Vines were introduced, and with that came thousands of apps to follow. Google Glass was tried out! and selfies reigned supreme. On a transparent note we at FC have launched our first long-read format. We featured an entire article in Emoji format, and we added Gifs and video loops to our visual toolbox. Don't worry. There will be no gifs, videos or any other visual communications in the slideshow above.

View Fast Company's Photos of the year in the slideshow above.

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