59 Unreleased Beatles Songs Are Coming To ITunes

The release is a defensive move to protect the tracks' copyright.

Apple Records is making 59 rare Beatles tracks available for purchase on iTunes Tuesday. The tracks will include "She Loves You," "A Taste of Honey," and "There's a Place."

The songs, all recorded in the '60s, 44 of which have not been released until now, were previously only available online in bootlegged versions. But Fab Four fans worldwide can finally get their hands on legal versions.

The release is a response to a European Union law that protects songs for 70 years after they were originally recorded, but only if they're actually officially released. If they have not been (as in the case of these Beatles rarities), their copyright protection ends after 50 years, allowing others to use them. In essence, this is a defensive move.

The Beatles' music has spent years entrenched in ownership issues and copyright lawsuits, including a legal battle between the Beatles and Apple, Inc.

[Image: Flickr user dwhartwig]

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  • Mark Dawson

    There's a reason those 44 songs were not released. Don't get too excited Beatles fans. Apple knows it's the holiday season...the gift-buying season!
    They very well could have released these songs in January. But that wouldn't be as profitable, now would it?