Money Is The By-Product Of A Business Driven By Passion

Alex and Ani founder and creative director Carolyn Rafaelian tells us why money has never been a driving factor in her business.

Alex and Ani was never intended to be just a jewelry company—it was intended to be a company with a heart and soul.

At the crux of that idea, says founder and creative director Carolyn Rafaelian, is a philosophy driven by social conscience and a commitment to community.

Carolyn Rafaelian

As Alex and Ani grows Rafaelian stresses how important it is to "acknowledge the community that it's growing in, to acknowledge the people that helped get it where it's going, as well as creating jobs and keeping things made in America—and keeping things made in integrity."

How does Rafaelian achieve this? Make sure money is never the objective.

"I think in a lot of businesses people put money at the top of the list," Rafaelian says. "Money is the by-product of what you do when you're passionate about something."

"I feel so in alignment with my life's purpose that money is the gift, it's not the reason."

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  • Alice Quijano

    There is a new store manager and i'm sure that your shopping time and service will be the one you look for when spending your hard earned cash....

  • Perhaps Alex and Ani should concentrate more about their customer service and less about producing videos. Too bad their passion doesn't include ensuring a working customer service phone # and a reply to related emails.

  • Also agree. I had a HORRIBLE experience with this company, and their so-called customer service. I won't shop from them ever again, nor will I ever recommend their products. The way they handled my situation was just awful.

  • Alice Quijano

    There is a new store manager and she will take care of you. Her name is Julia and the store has shifted their direction. So sorry that this happen to you.....

  • Wendy Harvey Robinson

    My hope is that stories like this drive our economy more and more in the future...instead of ones driven by money. Carolyn's heart is all over her company, her countenance and her especially her words. Bravo!