The Alsatian Museum honors art and folk tradition.

Germany's Red Dot Design Museum has roughly 2,000 exhibits. Here it displays one titled "Sweden at its best: Red Dot Award-winning design from the North."

The Museum of Bad Art, or MOBA, exhibits work that would not be displayed or appreciated in any other forum. Here, "ELIAN GONZALEZ' GRANDMOTHERS" by Gizela Keller.

Sam Jinks is an Australian artist who has exhibited work this year at the 55th Venice Biennale and Sydney-based gallery Sullivan+Strumpf.

World War I photos taken from the album of a German officer names Walter Koessler. The collection, put together by Koessler's great-grandson, is one of the most successful book projects on Kickstarter.

Photos from Quentin Crestinu, an artist living in Paris.

Google's Open Gallery Tool Brings The Art To You

Google's new Open Gallery tool makes it easier to put exhibitions online for all to see.

Want to visit the Museum of Bad Art, but aren't planning a trip to Massachusetts anytime soon? Or check out the latest work by Australian sculptor Sam Jinks from the comfort of your own computer?

Google's Cultural Institute wants to help, with the release of a free tool called Google Open Gallery. The tool lets anyone, from museums and galleries to artists, easily create beautiful online exhibitions. Patrons and gallerists alike will be able to "discover exhibits and collections from museums and archives all around the world," virtually.

Today, 45 new Open Gallery projects are live. In addition to the sampling of projects above, here's a look at how the tool is being used by the Belgian Comic Strip Center:

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