One in five songs on Spotify have yet to be played--tell that to the user in the U.S. with 90,000 playlists. There's a function on the review website that lets you listen to a random unlistened song.

Oops. Or should that read øøps? "The Spotify 2013 Review is coming to mobile soon, please check it out on a modern desktop browser." And there we were thinking that Mobile Safari was a complete desktop browser. Silly us.

Four and a half billion hours of music, 1 billion playlists on Spotify this year. And 2013 isn't even over.

Click on any of the tracks and you get taken straight to Spotify's web player. Here's the top five as streamed in the U.S.A. No surprises there, to quote Thom Yorke. Oh--have I said something I shouldn't have?

Here are the most popular artists on Spotify, as streamed by U.S. listeners. If this was the gaming industry, everyone would be up in arms at the lack of women here. Tsk.

Look! A woman! It's Pink's album, The Truth About Love, which was the fourth most popular long player in the U.S.

One territory you don't want to read: any part of the website in Safari. It's like a jumble out there, makes me wonder why I keep from going under...

Spotify Produces Quirky, Territorial, Slightly Wonky "Year In Review 2013" Website

All the usual suspects are there, from Rihanna, via Les Daft, to Macklemore.

Music streaming service Spotify has published its review of 2013, but rather than some spotty old press release, it's served us up a brand spanking new website with a little bit of interactivity.

The new site has factoids aplenty, like the nugget that there is someone in the U.S. with a Spotify library of 90,000 playlists, as well as all the usual stuff about which artists have had their music played the most (Spotify recently claimed that, once the site hits 40 million subscribers—that is to say, that its paying customer base grows fourfold—they could be taking home $2 million a month in royalties).

There is one hitch, however: The mobile version of the site is not yet up and running. That's no good, since mobile is the meme for 2013—just ask Google.

[Image: Flickr user Jon Åslund]

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