Nike CEO Mark Parker On How Insight And Innovation Intersect

The "world's most creative CEO" tells us how great design and innovation drive successful business.

Mark Parker joined Nike over 30 years ago as a footwear designer and product tester. Now he's the company's CEO.

That's a long time but some things, Parker says, haven't changed.

"I think our success has been based on our commitment to innovation and great design, which really in our case starts with our commitment to the athlete—and really understanding the athlete and the insights we get from that relationship," he says. "So we translate those insights into real innovation."

Mark Parker

"And that's always been the case since the very beginning."

But how do Parker, and Nike, keep up in a world of rapid change? By sticking to a set of core principles.

"The commitment to great design and to innovation—that's really at the core to any successful business and it's a prerequisite to realize your great potential as a company," he says.

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  • driz

    Really, one paragraph of corporate fluffy-speak made it into a headline web article. Serious? FastCompany must be hurting for material..

  • Pittsburgh Jagoff Catcher

    LOL..I thought the same thing! I guess they can all tall up the page reads now!

  • Farhad

    I agree.. the title got my hopes up but the content isn't nearly enough for a web article!