Reasons My Son Is Crying

New parents got a kick out of Reasons My Son Is Crying, which features strangely adorable photos sent in from parents explaining all the ridiculous reasons why their children are crying. (This particular tot's reason for despair: "There was no more cake . . . because he’d eaten it all.")

This Charming Charlie

This Charming Charlie pairs Charles Shultz's classic Charlie Brown cartoons with snippets of The Smiths lyrics. Morrissey himself has said he's "delighted and flattered." Brokenhearted love has never looked so cute.

Hot Dog Legs

They're hot dogs . . . or are they legs? That's the guessing game at the heart of this , in which contributors submit photos of their legs . . . or hot dogs.

Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things

I can pretty much guarantee after spending a few minutes browsing through Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things, you'll leave feeling inexplicably satisfied.

The Worst Room

The apartments for rent featured on The Worst Room are an unfortunate reality for many a twentysomething, aspiring urbanite. Viewing these nightmarish listings, which often come with deceiving descriptions, usually induces a strong desire to shower immediately. (This $1,300-per-month charmer, in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, is described as a "Garden Level" unit "with Modern Kitchen.")

Brides Throwing Cats

A relative newcomer in 2013, Brides Throwing Cats nevertheless captured our attention by Photoshopping cats into wedding photos of bouquet tosses.

Emojinal Art Gallery

The couple in Grant Wood's American Gothic looks a little different in the Emojinal Art Gallery, where emojis supersede the faces and objects in classic artworks.

Exploding Actresses

Little did we know how much a movie could change when the leading star's head explodes.

Yacht Cats

Enter the deeply existential thoughts of cats who live on boats on Yacht Cats.

BuzzFeed Articles Without The GIFs

When BuzzFeed articles are stripped of their GIFs, the result is nothing short of pure poetry.

Honorable Mention: Selfies At Funerals

Though it didn't make the top 10, Fast Company senior editor Jason Feifer's widely covered Selfies At Funerals, which posts photos of teens taking incredibly poorly-timed selfies, made Yahoo's greater list of the 23 most viral Tumblr blogs of 2013. Congrats, Jason!

The 10 Most Viral Tumblr Blogs Of 2013

Brides Throwing Cats, Hot Dog Legs, and The Worst Rooms Ever make the list. Plus, Fast Company senior editor Jason Feifer's Selfies At Funerals gets an honorable mention.

Among the many Top 10 lists featured in Yahoo's Year In Review recap of search trends in 2013 is a new addition to the 13-year-old report: a look into some trends on Tumblr, the blogging platform that Yahoo acquired in May.

Here's how the year's most viral Tumblrs stacked up:

Top 10 Most Viral Blogs on Tumblr in 2013:
1. Reasons My Son Is Crying
2. This Charming Charlie
3. Hot­ Dog Legs
4. Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things
5. The Worst Room
6. Brides Throwing Cats
7. EmojinalArt Gallery
8. Exploding Actresses
9. Yacht Cats
10. Buzzfeed Articles Without the GIFs

Bonus: Fast Company senior editor Jason Feifer's widely covered Selfies At Funerals made the greater list of the 23 most viral Tumblr blogs of 2013.

The Internet company also partnered with Paramount Pictures to create a video featuring everyone's favorite anchor, Ron Burgundy, discussing the year’s trends.

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