Cory Booker

"If I've got three minutes between this call and the next, I can check my Twitter feed. Social media gives me another way to be productive: I can survey and engage with thousands of people like I couldn't before."

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Wendy Clark

"I figured out a long time ago that having an empty inbox is a false goal."

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Alexa Von Tobel

"Since the beginning of LearnVest, I've never left the office for food."

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Anthony Bourdain

"I wake up early. Any writing I did during my career in the restaurant business required that I do it before a 12-hour-or-more shift in the restaurant. So I'm a morning person."

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Aaron Levie

"I have one sheet of paper called '50 Things.' It's a list of all the important initiatives, tasks, and projects at the company. Once every day or two, I run through it and make sure that every one of those things is on track."

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David Baldacci

"Many writers set daily goals--write this many words or pages, or for this many hours. I don't."

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Tory Burch

"I use my smartphone more than my computer."

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David Robinson

"Do everything in the right frame of mind."

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Steve Yankovich

"People make better decisions and solve problems when they spend time doing things they're passionate about."

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Alexis Ohanian

"I try not to have the computer in the bedroom. I used to sleep with it, though. I used to wake up spooning my laptop."

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Pharrell Williams

"If you don't interrupt [your subconscious] with the ego, or are like, No, it's gotta be like this, then a lot of ideas will come. Once you start judging it and editing it, then you're no longer tapped in."

2013 Is Almost Over. Get Your Productivity Game In Order

Now that you've digested all that stuffing and pie, it's time to start thinking about the new year. Here's how.

You never feel quite as productive as you should. But it's not too late. You can do it—you can be more productive. Here's our guide do making it all happen. Learn from the pros:

"I'm honestly the first person on set. I'm there in the lobby waiting for the camera crew." — Anthony Bourdain, Celebrity Chef and Traveler

"I don't worry about canceling meetings and moving things around." — Alexa Von Tobel, CEO of LearnVest

"First thing I do is thank the master. I thank God every day. Then I lie there for a few minutes and just sort of . . . be." — Pharrell Wiliams, Music Superstar

"If you have a task to do, connect it to your overall passion or goal. Otherwise, you're not going to be able to tick it off and move on to the next thing." — Corey Booker, U.S. Senator-elect

"Identify a No. 1 issue, and then the next 10 things you have to do. The rest of it is checking the pulse on what people need from you." — Wendy Clark, SVP of Global Marketing at Coca Cola

"Sometimes conference calls and meetings happen in the car ride home." — Tory Burch, Fashion Magnate

"I've started using iThoughts to write speeches. You put something as the most central point, and from there you branch off. It's not like sitting down and writing a bunch of pages—I just put down my triggers, and it helps organize them." — David Robinson, Partner at Admiral Capital Group

"I want people to be concise. A small screen and less-efficient keyboard force people to get the point across. You're not going to type four paragraphs on your phone." — Steve Yankovich, SVP of Innovation and New Ventures at eBay

"I use Evernote for everything because my handwriting is so bad." — Alexis Ohanian, Cofounder of Reddit

"I don't use many apps. I use naps." — Aaron Levie, CEO of Box

"Breaks give your mind a chance to refresh." — Author David Baldacci


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