Meet The iPhone Gaming Controller That's Bad News For Nintendo

Logitech's new gadget turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a gaming controller.

Gaming companies like Nintendo can't be too excited about Logitech's latest gadget. Called the Powershell, the plug-in turns iPhones and iPod Touches into portable games machines with traditional gaming controls.

The Powershell is Logitech's first ever iOS 7-compatible games controller. It adds shoulder "fire" button and a traditional D-pad to the iPhone, as well as other control buttons on its top. It also has a big rechargeable battery inside so it can keep an iPhone 5 or iPod Touch (later generation) topped up while you play. Yesterday Moga released the Ace Power, a similar add-on that lacks the recharging capability of the Powershell but includes analog thumbsticks for an even more games console-like playing experience. Both retail for $100.

Apple introduced special games controller powers with iOS 7, and casual games on smartphones and tablets are so popular (need we say Angry Birds or Candy Crush?) that they are credited with dealing the portable games console industry a serious blow.

Even with this smartphone-gaming boom, however, some games work best with physical controls instead of touchscreens. Hence Logitech's and Moga's new products, which will certainly be slipped into countless teenager's seasonal stockings in a few weeks' time.

[Image: Logitech]

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  • Kellix

    Powershell can't be more original? Considering Microsoft owns that name for their scripting protocol. Logitech had to be stupid to call it this. I bet it will be renamed in 3 months after the lawsuit hits it from Microsoft.

  • Darth Kenyan

    too funny. If you think an iPhone is a game platform, you don't like video games.

  • Kage

    It's going to take more than a controller to make Nintendo even blink. They have franchise power with Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Zelda, among many others, that you can ONLY get on Nintendo.

    Even if someone buys this controller, they are going to buy Nintendo too, because Nintendo has established franchises that sells their hardware.

  • jack.hurley44

    If only it were that simple. Sadly for Apple, controls aren't the only thing making IOS games inferior to Nintendo games.

  • latnswimmer

    It's obvious that the "tech guru" just used the title to generate traffic and has no clue about the subject he is covering

  • Christopher

    Hmm it's an iPhone and iPhones are somewhat popular given smartphone gaming so let's look at the price differences. Regular iPhone without a contract is $399.99, that's already more expensive than than the 3ds in fact it's the price of the 3ds and vita together plus $100 for this controller add on coming out to $499 all together not counting the games or how many you'd pay for. Now let's look at the iPhone with the contract which is $199, the price of the XL plus the controller add on for $100 coming out to the price $299 and with that you can instead buy a 360, a ps3, or a wii u which already defeats the purpose of even wasting your money but hold on I haven't gotten to the 3ds yet. Now the 3ds is $169 and $40 a game or lower seeing how good ones are now cheap so you're either paying anywhere between $189- $209 all together and the XL is $199 and the same thing with the games going from $220-$240 and you'd still be saving money. The 3ds games games are 4gb each versus smartphone games which don't even come anywhere near averaging that so either I'm looking way too deep into this or I'm just looking at this like another stupid doom and gloom page for nintendo but how is this bad news for nintendo?

  • Bobby

    No, you are looking at it completely wrong! No one buys an iPhone just as a gaming device! They buy it for a phone and other feutures. So, let's say I already have an iPhone. So, either I can buy Nintendo 3DS XL for $200 or I can buy this game controller for $100 and save $100. That is how most people will look at it. Not the way you just described it. I have a 3DS and an iPhone. I haven't played the 3DS in over 6 months because I prefer the games on my phone. In my honest opinion they are more than Nintendo games except. Mario Kart that game is really fun, I haven't found a kart racing game better than that game.

  • GTZ

    hahahahahahahahahaha yeah.. Nintendo is shaking in their boots.. funky basic control attachment for a stupid iphone totally trumps a 3d dual screen handheld console.. yyyeeaaaahhh nope.. sorry this article is goofy

  • Andrew Mcminn

    No analog control and a devise that can damage your phone. Many have tried to take nintendo on with many more powerful devices. aka sony, sega. And they have all failed miserbly. Nintendo has that market cornered ! What they need to do next is make a portable home console with docking station with expansion to harddrives and extra gamepads.

  • BIG Franky

    how is this news any worse for Nintendo than it is for any other platform....??

  • Ki EuKiTo

    If they released an android version for phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note line or something, I would get one just to have a nice controller for emulators. However this thing will not scratch Nintendo's business.

  • Coffee

    "That's bad news for nintnedo"
    How can you compare mobile games with quality real games like
    Kingdom hearts 3D, kid Icarus uprising, monster hunter 3 ultimate, resident evil revelations, Zelda a link between worlds, fire emblem awakening, bravely default, super smash bros, Mario kart 7, super Mario 3d land, shin megami tensei 4, dead or alive dimensions, Mario an luigi dream team, Zelda ocarina of time, metal gear solid 3,
    shall I continue? I think you get the point
    Mobile gaming will never take over dedicated handhelds since the games aren't made with the console quality expectations that are on dedicated handhelds. Also the games are expected to cost $5 not $40 so developers are not willing to put the same effort as they would in a $40 3DS game

  • John Dalkowitz

    Software drives hardware..... and there's very little if any software that I'd like to play on a phone. Nintendo 3ds has endless titles. Move along now. Nothing here to see.

  • Coffee

    I think the people who make these phone controllers think people play their 3DS for 5 minutes while waiting in line while in reality most people like to play it at home since the games have as much depth and quality as a console game

  • Paladinrja

    Notice how its bad news for Nintendo, but not Sony?
    Oh...Oh I get it... because Nintendo pretty much have the handheld sector bundled up. Theres a few good reasons for that ;)