JPMorgan Cancels Twitter Q&A After Flood Of Negative Tweets

The bank got flooded by abusive tweets in response to a call for submissions for a Twitter Q&A session.

There are good corporate Twitter strategies, and there are bad corporate Twitter strategies.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. found that out the hard way after inviting Twitter users to send in questions marked with the hashtag #AskJPM for vice chairman Jimmy Lee. Nearly 6,000 responses and a tirade of abuse later, the bank cancelled the session, with JPMorgan spokesman Brian Marchiony reportedly writing "Bad idea! Back to the drawing board," in an email.

Here's a sample of the #Snarkpocalypse:

[Image: Flickr user faungg]

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  • Dave W

    Just how far do these thieves have their heads up their ass that they thought somebody would have something nice to say about them? Like "I'm so much happier now that you ruined my country"? If hate had any psychic power they'd all be dead by now.