Secrets Of The Most Productive Pothead

How Doug Benson manages to be productive while completely baked.

Stand-up comedian Doug Benson has released a comedy album every year for the past six years, hosts several podcasts (including The Benson Interruption), tours constantly, and makes films and TV shows. Oh, and he manages to do all of this while completely baked.

Fast Company: Are you high right now?

Doug Benson: Of course! I'm a professional.

Are you often high while working?

I don't need to be, but it makes everything more fun and relaxed, and I hope that fun is passed on to the audience. Paperwork is much more bearable when I'm high. And probably less accurate.

Does pot affect your approach to staying on schedule?

I'm very punctual for a pothead.

Do you have any set routines for getting things done throughout the day?

If you love what you do, it's easy to be productive. But for more mundane tasks, I like to get them done first thing in the morning, when I'm well rested and alert. After a bong rip, of course.

[Illustration by Kyle Bean]

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  • The title was misleading...(but probably great for getting views). I was a little disappointed when I got to the end. Confessions may have been a more appropriate word instead of secrets. I didn't read many secrets. And is Doug Benson really 'THE most productive?' How do you know that? So his big secret to stay productive is to do your most mundane tasks in the morning after a little wake and bake... Mind-boggling...

  • Brennan Steele

    100% in agreement. I'm sure this is the key to my businesses success... Getting blitzed