London Ad Agency Creates "No Internet Week" To Look At Web Addiction

There's even a Twitter hashtag for it. Er, hang on a minute...

Today, 2.3 billion Google searches will be made, and 216 billion emails sent--but not by No Internet Week's five guinea pigs they won't.

A London ad agency called Mother created the occasion, for which it has persuaded a handful "digital natives" to switch off in a bid to examine the web world's hold on us all. They include a Mother executive, a teenager, a fashion blogger, and two media execs, one a former print magazine editor, the other an online editor.

Their views on the web are familiar--one admits to being on the web more than he would like, another feels that she is who she is because of the Internet, while a third doesn't want to miss out on anything that her friends are doing.

Yesterday was the last day of European Internet Week--not that I had noticed, these days, every day is Internet week--and so Mother thought it would turn the whole thing on its head. Fast Company did an similar project earlier this year when it documented Baratunde Thurston's switch-off of his digital life. Both projects, somewhat ironically, have hashtags.

[Image: Flickr user mikecogh]

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