Rumors Say Apple's Bending Its Course Toward Curved Phones Too

A fresh rumor about Apple's next iPhone predicts curved displays and pressure-sensitive touch.

Apple has joined Samsung and LG in the group of companies rumored to be building with bendy screens, thanks to a new report from Bloomberg that cites "sources familiar with the plans."

According to the report, two new iPhones for 2014 will come with curved screens. The smaller unit will have a 4.7-inch display and the larger one a 5.5-inch display (placing it firmly into the "phablet" category, and yes, sorry for typing that word here). Both those sizes are far bigger than the 4-inch screens of the current generation.

More interesting is a second rumor that Apple is looking at touchscreen tech that can sense pressure as well as multiple touches--think of the interface adjustments you could make with that (such as "press hard to delete"), and the innovative apps it could enable.

[Image: Flickr user Herman Frantzen]

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