Gadget Guide: The Home Baristas & Picture These

Digital gizmos make great gifts, but some givers reasonably wonder, Must everything be so hot-wired? Now you can choose. Here, three pairs of products— with one option for the techie, and its steampunk counterpart for the Luddite in us all.

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1. La Marzocco GS/3

La Marzocco changed the espresso industry in 1970 with its dual boiler, allowing espresso and milk to brew at the same time. Now its caffeinated engineers upgraded the plug: Its handmade-in-Florence GS/3—found in cafés—can power up with just 110 volts, making it home-ready. ($6,700,

2. Hasselblad Stellar

Today's camera companies need to seduce in ways smartphones can't. Hasselblad's angle: knockout luxury. The Swedish company's latest is the Stellar: Sony RX100 electronics outfitted with an aluminum body and an ergonomic handgrip made from materials as elegant as walnut or padauk wood. ($2,000,


3. ROK Espresso Maker

Have off-the-grid espresso with just boiling water, ground beans, and (some) elbow grease: Engine-grade metal levers do the real heavy lifting. It's more work, but ROK founder Patrick Hunt argues it's also more satisfying: "You're more involved than just pressing the button." ($200,

4. Lomography Konstruktor

Sure, nostalgics can dig dusty analog cameras out of storage. But half the fun of the Konstruktor DIY camera happens before shooting even begins. The camera-and-puzzle duo comes disassembled with plastic parts that need snapping together before the 35-mm film can roll. ($35,

[Photos by Greg Broom | Prop Styling by Hannah Jensen]

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