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Why Adobe's Betting On Mobile Marketing

A new product from Adobe is designed to make it easy for large corporations to create geotargeted apps.

[Photo: Flickr user Payton Chung]

Geotargeting is here to stay. App makers—be they retailers or gaming firms—care whether customers are accessing them from shopping malls, sporting events, workplaces, or the home. GPS and phone sensors make it easy to determine where users are, and companies want the information for analytics and to provide different content based on a user's location. To meet that need, Adobe has announced that its popular Marketing Cloud is going mobile, with a suite of new products to help enterprise customers to create geotargeted content.

The new cloud-based toolset links in with marketing products Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target. Features include app customization based on GPS location, and enhanced A/B testing of product functionality for mobile customers. In a phone conversation with Fast Company, Adobe strategic marketing lead for mobile solutions Ray Pun noted that 64% of the Fortune 500 uses the company's cloud products. According to Pun, the new mobile toolkit can be used by Adobe clients to tailor mobile content to GPS-specific uses such as trips to shopping malls, concerts, and sports events.

Adobe's mobile marketing release comes during a rough month for the company, which is dealing with a massive security breach where 38 million users had their data compromised. Users can find out if their account was breached by clicking this link, created by programmer @Hilare_Belloc.