Microsoft OS Has A Security Flaw, Reveals Some Of The Candidates For The CEO's Job

The two items aren't connected, though.

Tuesday was a big day for Microsoft. The company admitted to a security flaw in its OS that makes it vulnerable to hacking attempts either by email or instant message. The vulnerability is in a component of Microsoft Graphics and could affect users of Windows (Vista), Office 2003-2010, and Lync. The firm's security department is working on a fix.

On the same day, some candidates who have made it through to the next round of the hiring process for CEO were revealed. They include Stephen Elop, an ex Microsoftie who was busy running Nokia until Microsoft bought its handset division a few months back, Skype CEO Tony Bates, and Ford CEO Alan Mullaly, who was consulted over the Redmond firm's recent restructure. Internal candidate Satya Nadella also made the cut.

[Image: Flickr user Dano]

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  • Rick

    Actually, the headline sounded to me like the CEO candidates were revealing the shocking, astonishing news that Windows has a security flaw.

  • TechReader

    How this headline is worded makes it sound as if the security flaw CAUSED the CEO candidates reveal.