Polyvore for iPad
Polyvore for iPad

Tapping on each curated "set" opens a new page where all the featured products are displayed in an easy-to-navigate grid.

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Polyvore's Mix-And-Match Platform For Fashionistas Comes To The iPad

The site that turns fashion lovers into trendsetters gets a slick iPad app.

Polyvore is bringing its mix-and-match collage creation platform for fashionistas and home décor enthusiasts to the iPad with a new app out today.

Like Polyvore for iPhone or the desktop, the iPad app lets users create and share "sets" by mixing and matching different products to create a single, cohesive look. A "Feed" tab delivers a running newsfeed of looks from Polyvore users you follow, and a "Trends" tab displays which sets are popular in the greater community. Every product can be purchased through third-party retailers, and Polyvore takes a commission on each sale.

CEO Jess Lee says Polyvore's 20 million unique visitors a month currently spend three times as much time on mobile than they do on desktop and "expects the same from the iPad." Lee and Polyvore's senior product manager for mobile, Vishwa Ranjan, say the iPad version places heavy emphasis on what Lee refers to as "serendipitous discovery of products." The search bar, for example, refreshes itself every few hours with a preset list of trending items users are searching for, like "acetate sunglasses" or "wool fedoras." And a "Similar" feature lets you see how multiple users style the same item into different looks.

Ranjan says the goal is to easily show users all the products that go into a look at once. "You don't buy a shoe in isolation."

[Image: Flickr user flos puella]

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