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Virgin America Made An Airplane Safety Video You'll Actually Want To Watch

Perhaps more than once.

Airline safety announcements just got a lot cooler, thanks to Virgin America’s new music video, #VXsafetydance. Using a combination of catchy music, sassy dancers, adorable kids, humor, social media savvy, and even a singing nun, Virgin America has accomplished the impossible: convinced us to listen to airline safety announcements.

The five-minute video uses many music genres, 16 dance styles, and former contestants from So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol and was directed by Jon M. Chu (Step Up 2, Step Up 3, and Justin Bieber's Never Say Never). Sassy lyrics convey the conventionally boring messages about stowing carry-on baggage, turning off your electronic devices, and buckling seat belts: "For the .001% of you who have never operated a seat belt before. Really?! I mean, it works like this."

Founded by billionaire Richard Branson, Virgin has been a pioneer in airline innovation and improving customer experience—bringing improv comedians on flights and allowing passengers access to Vevo music videos and faster Wi-Fi.

Virgin America is also inviting people to submit videos of themselves dancing to the song on Instagram using #VXsafetydance for a chance to win a guest spot in the video. The only thing better than a cameo would be the FAA changing the rules about using electronic devices in flight.

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  • John Paul Ramos

    "Would get old quickly"? Really? You fly EVERY day? Same airline each time?

  • Robin Boggs

    So that was fun. Once. As a frequent flier, I would get progressively irritated every time I had to listen to that noise.

  • dlavenda

    I applaud VA's effort to make the deadly-boring air safety video entertaining, but this is over the top. Would people really watch this for 5 full minutes? Maybe the first time. It would wear thin quickly. As a side note, using the term "plan of attack" (more than once) in a safety video doesn't like a good choice of words - even if it was selected to rhyme.

  • CoffeeExtremist

    If only the seats in the actual airplane were as far apart as the ones in this video . . .

  • cabler

    That was great, but I'm never getting on an airplane and would be too terrified to enjoy it if I ever did.

  • Luciano Elias

    I couldn't even finish watching it here, imagine on a plane. lol
    Seriously though, it will end up like any other video: interesting the first time, old news tomorrow.
    Are they going to be making a new one every week?

  • Flytrap21

    Very funny... are you going to ask to be excused so that you can step outside for a few minutes to avoid watching a boring video... probably for the umpteenth time!?

    Most travelers may start to fidget with your phone or tablet after a while, but will probably still catch enough of the video from the corner of your eye (particularly as the music tempo changes) to remember some of the sequences... and the message they carried - that is why there is so much repetition of the safety tips throughout the video.

  • Jordan

    Entertaining video! But could see how this would be confusing for the travelers for whom English is not their first language.