Check Out Google's New, Simpler Glass Design

Google's new Glass variant is a little bit more "normal."

Yesterday we learned Google's Explorer Edition Glass hardware was getting an update with a few hardware tweaks, including support for prescription glasses. Now we get to see what the thing looks like. It looks like Glass! Well, with a slightly simpler design.

The most obvious difference is a mono removable earbud, which replaces the first model's bone conduction speaker. While distinctly less high tech, this solution may be cheaper and also offer better sound distinction. It's also an obvious signal to passersby that a Glass wearer may have their attention directed elsewhere, much like what headphones do for an iPhone user.

Whether or not the update includes technical improvements to address the fact that many users' Glass prism is breaking is unknown.

The new device doesn't have the more fashionable design featured in Google's recent patent, but it may be a little closer to the edition that will go on sale to the public in 2014.

Update: Google has got in touch to say it's a bit unhappy about the "Glass 2.0" meme that seems to have popped up online. It stresses it's just "made some minor tweaks" so that Glass "fits with different shades and can eventually fit with a line of prescription Glasses. These differences to the new version are virtually unnoticeable to average person examining the device." Which is more or less what we said.

[Image: Google]

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  • dave birney

    so it takes away one part and adds another part and you call it "simpler". hmm, its your blog i suppose but im fairly certain it would be simpler if you didnt have to put in an ear bud every time you put on your glasses

  • Wojtek

    It's bigger, has an earplug, what else? I don't think this might be revolution, when google sells this for a mainstream user. Try using this less popular.

  • Josh

    You can look creepy and look like Dana from Star Trek all at the same time. Bravo Google!