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Tech Forecast

A Google Smartwatch Could Be On Your Wrist Within Months

Google is now talking with Asian suppliers as the device is in the final production stages.

[Image: Flickr user Jayel Aheram]

If you can't wait to slap Google on your wrist, you might not have to wait very long. For weeks, rumors of a Google smartwatch powered by Google Now have been sweeping through the Internet, and now, the actual device is reportedly in the final stages of development, and Google is said to be in talks with Asian suppliers to begin mass production of the device.

There are virtually no other details about the watch, but the Wall Street Journal does claim its battery life is what Google has been focusing on. This makes sense. After all, most reviewers aren't really thrilled about having to charge their Galaxy Gears every evening.

If Google does come out with a smartwatch, it might have some stiff competition from archnemesis number one: Apple. The Cupertino company is reportedly experimenting with curved screens from LG, possibly with glass from Corning to create its own smartwatch. Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the company's Q3 earnings call yesterday that he sees "significant opportunities in new product categories across 2014."