Police Discover 3-D Printed Gun Factory In Manchester: Updated

A plastic trigger and magazine were seized, as well as a 3-D printer.

Update: Manchester police are now saying the "3-D-printed gun" they found was actually just a piece of a 3-D printer. A slight overreaction, perhaps? While the seized items undergo further forensic testing, in a statement, Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood defends the dramatic event thusly:

The worrying thing is for me is that these printers can be used to make certain components of guns, while others can be legitimately ordered over the Internet without arousing suspicion. When put together, this could allow a person to construct a firearm in their own home."

Police in the British town of Manchester have discovered what they say is the first factory producing 3-D-printed guns. The operation, which was shut down last night, had already printed a trigger and a magazine that officers believe can hold bullets. A 3-D printer was also seized from a property in the Bagley area of the city, and a man has been arrested on suspicion of making gunpowder.

"If what we have seized is proven to be viable components capable of constructing a genuine firearm, then it demonstrates that organised crime groups are acquiring technology that can be bought on the high street to produce the next generation of weapons," said D.I. Chris Mossop, of Greater Manchester Police.

A British museum has already acquired the first ever such weapon, with a pair of plastic Liberator guns to go on show as part of a demonstration of fabrication of natural polymers.

[Image: Flickr user wiredforlego]

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  • spencer60


    You know some gun-banner is just waiting for the first 'printed' gun found in the wild, so they can start running around and shouting that the sky is falling.

    Here in the US, anyone without a criminal record can manufacture a firearm perfectly legally, so long they don't try and sell or give it to another person.

    This has been true since there was a USA, and these guns cause oh, ZERO crimes!