Some Florida Police Are Using Data To Predict Crime

"We’re entering a new era of police work," says the Fort Lauderdale Police Chief.

Well, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department isn't using an oracle yet, but it is getting one step closer to Minority Report-style crime predicting. The department has become the latest agency to use big data analytics and data mining to prevent crime by staying one step ahead of criminals. According to IBM, the company has entered into a partnership with the Fort Lauderdale PD to integrate new data and analytics tools into everyday crime fighting. The new projects will use pattern recognition and anomaly detection tech on existing records like 911 calls, crime records, and building permit activity.

"We’re entering a new era of police work where advances in technology are providing us with an additional tool to use in our crime prevention efforts," said Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderley in a release. "Integrating advanced data analysis into our operational strategies will help us maximize resources and stay one step ahead of the criminals." The data generated by the new software package is designed to help, among other things, generate new patrol routes and redeploy officers to areas that have more crime activity.

IBM also emphasized that using data cuts costs for police departments and helps them provide the same level of service during a time when they may have fewer resources. The company is one of the leading providers of specialized software for law enforcement.

[Image: Elvert Barnes]

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  • Gregory Winston

    Isn't it true that it was IBM technology that made Hitler's extermination of the Jews so much more efficient? A tight reign over and principled oversight of the applications of this type of technology, is absolutely essential. We now live in a surveillance society, and the advanced level of technological advancement makes privacy obsolete - when privacy is destroyed, does freedom remain? Of course not. The advancement of technology, combined with an ever-expanding government with an ever-increasing contempt toward it's people, has made repression and persecution possible on a scale that most authoritarian governments thru history have only dreamed of...

  • Central VA

    I hope IBM has an insurance policy ready for when Al Sharpton decides to sue them for their "code" being racists.

  • WBC

    This is just high-tech profiling. All the data are inputted and the computer automatically spits out: "Look for the black guy with his cap on sideways."

  • John C

    This is nothing new, the NYPD started doing that in the early 1990's When William Bratton became Police Commissioner, he and Jack Maples developed it when Bratton was Chief of the transit Police Department in the late 1980s.

  • Inarguably

    If they had been able to predict the consequences of the Barack Hussein Obama Presidency, the republic would not now be on the verge of collapse.

  • Gregory Winston

    Pre-crime? Heck, in Houston "law enforcement" doesn't even investigate post-crime. When my car was stolen, I reported it to a completely disinterested Sherrif's deputy, who gave me a case #. Feeling a great unease, I then reported it to HPD by phone, who gave me a 2nd case #. 3 weeks later, my car was found, damaged, dumped in a parking lot of a business. A manager's car of the same model had been stolen from the parking lot, by the same people who had stolen mine. An HPD officer calls me, and says there is no record in any of the state's computers, of my car ever being reported stolen - both case #'s, were bogus. I ask him to re-file my report after he wraps up at the scene - he then never calls me back. This was the third time I tried to get the case filed. Weeks later, a lady HPD officer calls the house, and tells my wife that I'M under felony investigation for a hit and run committed in my car while it was stolen. I call the officer, who argues with me, refuses to write down the case #'s, demands that I come to HPD headquarters for questioning, and refuses to investigate why I was given TWO phony case #'s by the two main "law enforcement" agencies in the area. This was the 2nd time I tried hard to get the "mistake" corrected, and the fourth time overall that I tried to just get the report filed! They've shown they can't even be trusted to do the jobs they have now, can they be trusted with all this "pre-crime", quasi fascist-state technology?

  • historyguy48

    Coming to you soon; an arrest based upon the possibility that you will commit a crime. This will be followed by an execution based upon a "conspiracy to commit murder that hasn't happened yet."
    Isn't a hard tyranny fun?

  • Gregory Winston

    That second part (an execution) might go to a pessimistic extreme. On the other hand, anyone who believes the first part (an arrest based upon the possibility that you will commit a crime) couldn't happen, is in denial. Just as those who believe that we don't have any political prisoners in the U.S., are in denial.

  • historyguy48

    I was actually referring to the next generation of software, the system that will replace Prism, that is currently being debugged. Supposedly it will be capable of "anticipating" someone committing a "crime".
    While I've found no proof of political prisoners being held inside America it wouldn't really be surprising. After all, they passed a law several years ago that allows indefinite imprisonment without charges or legal counsel.
    And the founding fathers thought they had it bad under George 3. By now they'd be shooting at these guys.

  • interventor

    NYPD has their Comstat program since Giuliani Helped bring down the crime rate quickly.

  • Stretchrunner147

    Using technology to predict crime? Just follow the police around and I predict you'll see all the crime you want.....

  • gellero

    LOLOLOL.............any street cop with above affirmative action intelligence can tell you where the usual suspect can be found............

  • debob9046

    Change of Heart and interventions that change the course of human events, which are unpredictable. Jesus gave us a description of two ways, Physics has the string theory and alternate universes. This is complete and utter BS, it is nothing more than pseudo scientific fraud to cherry pick enemies of the state.

  • condaggit

    Bunch of morons here is one city with thugs posting their assault weapons openly on facebook.......clone this in detroit newark Camden oakland easy pickins for the police..


  • Tom

    Really? The authorities don't know where criminal element resides? Watching the tv series DRUG INC, one evening the episode featured drug dealers and buyers working in front of the court house. The claim was these criminals were small fish. No jail room for them. Police where looking for the big catch. As a side note: will this new razall dazell system root out crimes committed by corrupt politicians and their cronies?

  • VillageViking

    Do the crime, end up on prime...surveillance that is! This is not racism, it's intelligence empiricism. Rappers, pimps and robbers will want access to this info so they can target their filth.

  • RapeApeMuhdikins

    Ive been doing it for years, if there are pavement apes, there is high crime.