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Where Are They Now?

Yes, Samsung Has Patented A Google Glass Clone

You can stop waiting for it to happen now: Samsung has also shown it's looking into smart headsets.

[Image: Flickr user Guiri R. Reyes]

A patent filed in Korea by a giant tech multinational looks like a heavily modified set of eye glasses, with a camera, an in-vision projector, and a sound system. This is not Google Glass. This is Samsung.

The patent, discovered by the Wall Street Journal, was filed in October and is labeled as being similar to "sports glasses." The patent says wearers can take phone calls during workouts, and control their phone when their hands are busy. The display is transparent or translucent, and shows the graphics to just one eye.

This sounds and looks a lot like Google's Glass. The device seems as though it would run a basic OS and act as a companion to a smartphone.

This is a simple move, like ones Samsung has made so many times before, to prepare space for the company to enter a particular tech field, even if other players have been there for a long time. Google, Apple, Microsoft, and many others are considering headsets. It's also worth noting this is a Korean patent, in Samsung's home market.