Don't Be Fooled By The Rush To Download BlackBerry's BBM App

BlackBerry's messenger app on iOS and Android saw 10 million downloads in 24 hours. But it's still not good news.

After hitting an amazing total of 5 million downloads in the first eight hours, BlackBerry's BBM messenger app was downloaded more slowly over the rest of the first day—but it still managed to reach over 10 million downloads and top Apple's iTunes list of best-selling free apps in over 75 nations. Hurrah! But... no.

Though the download rush has a very positive spin for BlackBerry, it's likely that a good share of users are downloading out of curiosity. After all, there are many alternative chat and messaging apps available. WhatsApp, for example, has a monthly active user base of some 350 million people. And BBM is not going to make BlackBerry much money. Whereas originally, BBM was an attempt to get people to buy actual BlackBerry handsets, it's going to be much harder to monetize as a third-party app. And BlackBerry's engineering talent is being fired and hired away very fast.

Remember—the company is in such a hole it just reported a billion-dollar loss.

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  • sadiq

    What a CHEAP ATTEMPT to undermine BBM before even testing it.. What a GENIUS Ph.D Kit Eaton you are, seems you are doing research on HOW TO BE A TROLLIST!! No app can match BBMs speed and security . and before posting such trolls go and get a brain with some thinking morale also!!

  • Kevin Ventura

    This author is 5% right 95% uninformed and 100% biased. Not to mention he probably has never seen what bbm is capable of on a BlackBerry. The current and fist iOS and Android iteration only have about half of the capabilities of the full BlackBerry version. A version that BlackBerry plans to roll out to all platforms. I think there would be a lot of income potential from advertising from bbm channels.

  • MC Wong

    The author may be partially correct, most will download but will not have many contacts initially. Like most users I will definitely keep bbm as an alternative. Why shouldn't I ? There's no reason to uninstall it, it's reliable and super instant delivery and super free. Eventually whatsapp will start charging annual subscription. The pin may be more cumbersome than phone numbers but I can live with that. The ui may not be holo design, rigid and slightly dated but it does not distract from it's function to send messages instantly. I can rely on it 99.9%. It's also cheaper for those with limited data plan due to data compression.

  • Abdulla Jassmi

    The sucess of BBM is based on its privecy to user phone number unlike whats up which any one has the phone number contacts

  • Stan Stefano

    Is it possible people behind WhatsApp to be paying for BBM bashing all over the net. Samsung just got caught paying for anti-HTC coverage. I urge for everyone to try BBM. It will get bigger and better on iOS/Android over time. It's million miles better than WhatsApp.

  • Kathy

    Seriously your an idiot. I would like to give it a month before what's app is gone. BBM started it all and you're just a moron

  • mario

    the author is a apple fan boy, just look at his articles.. maybe he should change his bio to 'writing about apple only'..

  • ia

    hmmm..... me thinks someone paid the author to dis BlackBerry?!! me also thinks author doesn't know jack about why BBM is much better than whatsapp. and me thinks I will not waste my time again reading his articles!!

  • Delly

    Or maybe those who downloaded just wanted to re-live the good moments they had when using BBM in the past. Even though we have other messaging apps now but honestly, BBM started it all. Call it a cheap thrill or whatever you may but it is just a delight to be able to connect with some other people who love BBM and miss the good old days of using it no matter what the company became.

    Show more love to gain more love.

  • JSanders

    "Whereas originally, BBM was an attempt to get people to buy actual BlackBerry handsets".. from all I have read, that was never the corporate goal. I don't believe the author did much research on his opinion piece.

  • Guest

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