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BlackBerry's BBM App Was Downloaded 5 Million Times In 8 Hours

Does 5 million downloads of BlackBerry's messaging app on iOS and Android a turnaround make?

BlackBerry only just released its BBM messaging app for iOS and Android users, but it seems the company has struck a chord: The app saw 5 million downloads inside just the first eight hours of availability. This number could be even higher, as the 5 million figure relates to activations only.

Well done, BlackBerry—you've found something that at least 5 million people around the world are seemingly desperate for! That said, it's not much of a victory. The company should have made this move ages ago, when it was clear that it was never going to win serious ground in the iPhone era of smartphone design. Plus, even if the company monetized BBM cleverly, it would be unlikely to make enough money to save the company. And for smartphones users, an alternative instant messaging system is just a click away.

[Image: Flickr user Eva Blue]

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  • Disparishun

    Good point. It's BlackBerry, so it's too little too late -- people will never adopt a new messaging app. ICQ simply cannot be dethroned.

  • Chris

    lol do you guys ever report anything positive without going back to the same old negative comments. 5 million activations is awesome just wait until they overtake Whatsapp.