This Just Might Be The Apple IWatch Of Your Dreams

A Berlin-based engineer creates a mockup for an Apple iWatch that's both functional and incredibly slick.

Though tomorrow's Apple event is shrouded by the usual air of mystery, there will almost definitely be news about a new iPad. The future is less certain for iWatch hopefuls, but in the meantime you can check out this incredibly slick-looking faux mockup of an Apple smartwatch by Berlin-based engineer Thomas Bogner, who posted his concept to Dribbble earlier today.

Bogner, a Nike FuelBand owner, calls his mockup "the bastard child of a Fuel Band [sic] and an iPhone."

Though neither Bogner nor his design have anything to do with Apple, his mockup, whose display features both vertical and horizontal scrolling, evokes some of that glossy, sell-worthy sheen Apple would need to pull off to convince as-yet skeptical consumers that smartwatches are the new smartphones.

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  • Craig Ruchman

    We keep trading down to a smaller and smaller screen. I think the law of diminishing returns is starting to kick in. Looks cool...

  • Paul_Rand

    after the iwatch comes the ipen with a screen along the side....I CALLED THIS LIKE 10 years ago...

  • munchkin

    This will not work. The battery life for a curved oled display, as well as getting it with enough pixel density to display the images will not be around for some time.

  • Jonathan H

    Can you even imagine how uncomfortable and awkward that would be to use? Nice try, but COMPLETE UX FAIL.

  • Mike H

    I see it as a great alternative for active people... but not a replacement. People want a sizable screen for many tasks...

  • CJ

    I'd wear it and use it... cell phone watch... I could keep doing the task at hand without having to put down my cell phone.. (just flip the screen so I could see it better) getting warmer though!

  • Sara

    This I would actually wear! It's no different than wearing a Fitbit, Up, or Fuelband.

  • Alain Paradis

    Bah! It's looking in the wrong direction. The layout is along the band instead of across it. The wearer would need to do contortions to read the screen. Silly.

  • Karim Delgado

    So all you'd have to do is put the screen wrist-side. Then just look at your wrist; no contortions necessary.

  • Jonathan H

    That would completely negate the sleekness and simplicity of the concept... which is exactly why a smart watch is such a difficult puzzle to crack.

  • Paul_Rand

    if the screen unlocked and twisted in any direction then it wouldnt matter.

  • Jonathan H

    So now you want to dramatically complicate things by having moving parts? Not a good idea.

  • Paul_Rand

    moving parts are in the most expensive most well designed watches in the world... Get out of here with your naive attitude about "moving parts". Your opinion about design comes from some garbage factory in china that has to dumb down everything - not a good idea.

  • Paul_Rand

    Nah, nice try for you to shift the argument to production methodologies from "moving parts as a bad idea"... Moving parts for a watch is not a bad idea it is actually pretty standard.