Nokia's Lumia Phablet Leaks Ahead Of Tomorrow's Event

Details of Nokia's first Windows "phablet" device have surfaced.

Two of the big products Nokia plans to announce at its product-led media event tomorrow have leaked online. The Lumia 1520, a 6-inch screened "phablet" is likely to be one of the last big plays Nokia makes in the Lumia line, pending finalization of Microsoft's acquisition of the company's smartphone sector. It's a beast of a device, priced at the Chinese equivalent of about $820, with a 1080p screen, Snapdragon 800 CPU, and a 20-megapixel PureView camera. Nokia is evidently chasing after the same kind of market that Samsung is doing well with its sprawling Galaxy line.

The other product is called the Guru, and it's said to be an MP3 player. But it could also be a smartphone headset companion. The small hole on the side could be a microphone, and Nokia has made similar Bluetooth headsets before. And, does look a lot like an iPod Shuffle.

The timing of Nokia's event tomorrow is unfortunate for the company because Apple plans to make its own big announcements at an even bigger press event, just a few hours later and thus casting a shadow over Nokia's news.

[Images: Flickr user John Karakatsanis, evleaks]

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  • atharva

    I would never buy a Apple phone they are completely rubbish they copy Nokia colors phone. And Apple has not done anything new or smart on they phones fingers print out a long time. Nokia always makes something new for costumers. So for me the 1520 I'll have well done Nokia again

  • Sean D.

    It's only "unfortunate" if you give a shit what apple is peddling... which I don't. So it's fine by me.

  • Heath Gross

    Nokia needs better competitive intelligence. They have been killed in the mobile phone market because they couldn't see what their competition was up to until it was too late. Now this? Who plans a media even opposite of Apple? Silly. Stephen Elop, call me, we can help ;)

  • richandwhite

    Nokia planned their even well before Apple announced the date for theirs. It was too late to reschedule and it's important to get this out before the Holiday shopping starts.

  • Mathieu

    Apple release dates are the same every years (Ipad annoucement was Tuesday October 22 last year). I'm pretty sure Nokia knows

  • Heath Gross

    Interesting. Do you think Apple did this intentionally? Sort of a snub to Nokia?

  • Michael Paterson

    I don't know about the Nokia event but Microsoft is set to release Surface 2 tomorrow. I think Apple planned the same date as a snub to Microsoft.