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Twitter May Be Killing Its #Music Experiment

Twitter about to tweet #thedaythemusicdied?

[Image: Flickr user Sharada Prasad CS]

Twitter may be on the verge of killing off its #Music tunes discovery and sharing service, according to All Things D. The service is Twitter's attempt to capture some of the fast-growing streaming music market.

The app looked promising at launch back in April, quickly reaching the top tier of free app downloads. But since then, the download rates have fallen dramatically, and Twitter seems to have made little effort to expand the availability of the app to more regions, or even to promote it since its debut, though it did partner with Apple in June to get #Music playlists into iTunes. The app was built by the team Twitter acquired when it bought a small startup called WeAreHunted.

Apart from music, Twitter is also carefully aiming itself toward strong integration with TV content providers in a long-term strategic plan to make money. Closure of #Music wouldn't be unexpected, given how badly the app seems to be doing, but it would be bad news for Twitter as it prepares for its IPO.