Mapping Covert Air Attacks

Covert U.S. drone strikes have hit targets throughout Yemen.

The Geography Factor

Drone attacks within Yemen are concentrated in a handful of provinces.

Targeting Al Qaeda

Most drone targets in Yemen are affiliated with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

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These Maps Visualize America's Secret Drone War In Yemen

The New America Foundation is using visual storytelling to create a history of covert American airstrikes in Yemen.

A new project underway is turning reams of independently researched data on America's secret drone war in Yemen into visual storytelling. The Drone Wars Yemen database from the New America Foundation incorporates information collected on covert CIA drone attacks within Yemen. The organization added graphic analysis to its database recently, which retells the history of the secret war in visual form.

The CIA's operations in the Middle Eastern nation rely on armed remote-controlled aircraft such as Predators. According to the New America Foundation, it is tracking "all reported U.S. air and drone strikes in Yemen, the locations of these strikes, and civilian, militant, and unknown casualty numbers, as well as the militant organizations targeted by the strikes and any leaders killed."

[Image: Flickr user Abode of Chaos]

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