This Makeup Lets You Launch Drones With Just A Blink Of An Eye

Brazilian scientist Katia Vega has developed cosmetics with the ability to launch a drone or open a door.

Perhaps the most fascinating item to come out of the recent ACM Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces 2013 Conference (ITS) is eyeshadow and false eyelashes that, through the command of a wink, can launch a drone or activate an LED display. Created by Katia Vega, the makeup is safe for use on skin, though there is no FDA approval yet.

Additionally, with her colleague Hugo Fuks, Vega is also looking into false fingernails that have concealed radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags. Through the electronics in the nails, one can DJ just by touching (encased) water or open electric doors. The Brazilian scientist claims to be in talks with cosmetics lines for commercial use of the technology.

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  • itgirlnyc

    wrinkles are found by repeatitive moves. this will result in many lines on the face. not a good idea!

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