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Nike+ FuelBand SE Volt

Nike's Next-Gen FuelBand SE Can Tell Whether You're Running, Sleeping, Or Doing Yoga

The new generation of Nike's FuelBand fitness tracker packs in more game mechanics that incentivize you to move. It also opens up Nike to partner with Silicon Valley's top-tier talent.

Today Nike introduced the FuelBand SE, a new fitness tracker and successor to its popular Nike FuelBand. The black FuelBand SE wristband comes with new options for yellow, pink, or red accents. But early reports indicate Nike's updates to the tracker aren't purely cosmetic.

Like the FuelBand, the FuelBand SE measures its wearer's activity levels via a gamified system in which you can earn points for moving. The SE comes with even more built-in game mechanics to encourage users to want to move more throughout the day. It also offers a feature called "sessions" that allows you to categorize your movements according to the activity you're doing, such as playing basketball, cycling, and now, sleeping. The FuelBand SE can also detect how hard you're working during seemingly low-impact activities like yoga, and mete out points accordingly.

In keeping with something Nike CEO Mark Parker recently told Fast Company's Austin Carr, the future of Fuel Band will depend heavily on establishing strategic partnerships.

As Parker hinted:

"This is going to be an opportunity for us to extend collaboration and partnerships with others—in fact, I would say any companies, any businesses, really looking to realize [their] full potential in the innovation space need to have a very open mind to the types of collaborations and partnerships that are going to enable that potential."

To that end, the Fuel Band team is relocating to San Francisco, home to the new Nike+ Fuel Lab, a 12-week accelerator program launching next year that will outfit 10 initial partner companies with $50,000 and access to Nike+ and NikeFuel APIs and SDKs. The companies will also have access to top-tier mentors like Google Ventures' Kevin Rose and SuperBetter Labs' Jane McGonigal. The goal will be for the partner companies to leave the accelerator program with an optimized NikeFuel integration.

Nike is currently accepting limited pre-orders for the FuelBand SE, which costs $149.

[Image courtesy of Nike]

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  • Abeworld

    It looks like Nike+ Move app can do all of these measurement functions utilizing the M7 processor. So, what's the importance of the band? Accuracy?

  • E4Life

    several features (such as extended historical data) that the band offers over the move app, but the biggest point is that the band, as an on-body device, is about all day measurement.

  • Abeworld

    Thanks for the reply E4Life. That's a good point. I have my phone close to me almost all the time when I am not sleeping, but definitely not ON me to record these measurements. But I wonder if this is enough for me to drop $150. I am more attracted to the Fitbit Force - Slightly lesser price tag, I have a lot more friends on Fitbit, much better battery life and some relatively meaningful measure unlike the NikeFuel.

    I might end up using Fitbit Force band + the Nike app - looks like the app does a great job of keeping you motivated hour by hour, and motivation is something that Fitbit sorely lacks.

    What's your plan? And won't the app have extended historical data if you use it even without the band?