SnapHack asks users to log in with their Snapchat account information.

SnapHack lets users save and reopen Snapchat messages. There's even a version in the works to share Snapchats with friends.

When users receive a notification, they can save the photo or image by opening the Snapchat message in the SnapHack app.

An example of a Snapchat that can be reopened and viewed.

Saved Snapchats are also searchable.

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Oh Snap! SnapHack Can Save Your Once-Disappearing Snapchats Forever

Uh-oh. Beware what you snap.

Popular sexting app Snapchat built its success among teenagers with ephemeral photos and videos that disappeared within seconds. A new app called SnapHack Pro has emerged to undo Snapchat's secret sauce, letting users save and reopen Snapchat messages, Business Insider reports. There's even a version in the works to share Snapchats with friends, which goes to show you: Beware what you snap.

When users receive a Snapchat notification, they can choose to open the message in SnapHack first to save the video or photo to their devices' photo library without the sender ever knowing. (The app won't work with messages already opened on the Snapchat app.) Created by Darren Jones, SnapHack made its way to the App Store on Sunday and is available in the U.K. for £0.99.

[Image: Flickr user Quinn Dombrowski]

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