Power To The Patient

Alme for Healthcare makes sure patients are sticking to their treatment regime.

Tracking Insurance Info

The app is designed to avoid insurance slipups for patients and practitioners.

Voice Operated

Alme For Healthcare is based on a Siri-like voice-recognition feature.

Patient Engagement

Patients are able to ask the virtual assistant questions that they might be hesitant to ask their doctor.

Reminding The Patient

The virtual assistant is designed to make sure patients comply with treatment.


Alme For Healthcare can be tweaked for many different medical needs.

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This Virtual Assistant Is Like Siri For Doctors And Patients

Alme for Healthcare is a digital assistant app designed for doctors and patients with diseases.

A new virtual assistant app is on the market, and it's designed for doctors to make sure patients adhere to their treatments. Like a Siri for the health world, Alme for Healthcare is promoting itself as a virtual assistant for disease management, and the app backend uses voice commands and natural language processing to bridge the gap between health-care practitioners and their patients. Fred Brown, CEO of app creators Next IT, told Fast Company that the product serves as a "disease management system for patients to handle chronic disease."

"We want to make the sharing of data between applications more conversational," Brown added. Alme for Healthcare's backend can be integrated into Android, HTML 5, iOS, and even hologram adaptations for hospital lobbies. Individual users go through a validation process under HIPAA rules and the app gives them daily reminders of treatment needs and tracks specific data. Health care practitioners also get metrics on adherence and patient behavior through the app.

Brown, who bills himself as the "Cowboy CEO," also markets the Alme natural language processing platform to large customers including Aetna and Alaska Airlines. In promotional materials, Alme for Healthcare's ability to hold natural language conversations with customers is billed as a major selling point.

[Image: Flickr user MAURO CATEB]

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