It's Official: HopStop Drops Android Support

Apple doesn't want HopStop's Android users to stay on the train.

Sorry, Android users. Popular transit app HopStop, which was acquired by Apple this past July, is no longer supported on Android. Fast Company has written previously about how one of Apple's first acts at the helm was to end Windows 8 support, but now Cupertino is going even further. On the HopStop home page, non-iOS users are steered to the HTML5-optimized webpage for

The decision, travel industry site Skift says, alienates non-iPhone users of the HopStop app. But it also plays into another game: The notorious lack of public transportation info in Apple Maps severely hampers usability in New York, Boston, London, and other public transit-centric cities. Apple hasn't been shy about wanting to defeat Google Maps, and keeping HopStop to itself is likely part of this plan.

[Image: Flickr user Otto Yamamoto]

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  • Thomas W. Smith

    I appears that Apple is trying to integrate hopstop into its maps app, because when you click rout it brings up an apps list screen with hopstop showing at the top as installed, but when you try to use it (in Chicago at lest) all you get are walking directions