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Yahoo Mail Gets More Gmail-Like With Redesign

With threaded email conversations and photo-rich themes, Yahoo Mail looks vaguely familiar.

Yahoo's been on a campaign to revitalize its email service. In a bid to attract more users, the company began recycling dormant email addresses, and CEO Marissa Mayer has even tried her hand at grassroots marketing one tweet at a time. To ring in Yahoo Mail's sweet 16, the company has taken the wraps off a redesign that looks and feels vaguely Gmail-esque.

The new Yahoo Mail includes a slew of features previously available only to premium Mail Plus customers: disposable email addresses, up to 200 filters, automatic email forwarding, and offline access. (Relatedly, Mail Plus has been phased out in favor of Ad Free Mail, which costs $50 a year. Grandfathered users can renew for the same annual $20 fee.)

What makes Yahoo Mail so familiar is the introduction of threaded email conversations, one of the features that first distinguished Gmail from other email services, and photo-rich themes, some sourced from Flickr. When a user chooses a theme, it applies to Yahoo Mail across all devices. Though themes have been in Gmail since 2008, the service incorporated high-definition backgrounds, plus the ability to customize them with users' own photos, in 2012.

Many aspects of the user interface—the backdrop, layout, font, positioning of buttons, left-hand toolbar—scream Gmail. And this is most apparent with the following GIF, courtesy of Gizmodo:

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  • Totlco

    I too despise the new Yahoo mail! It is difficult to use, counter-intuitive, and lacks the one feature that made previous iterations great - Tabs! And now, when you empty your trash or spam folders you get these silly juvenile messages from Yahoo - messages that might be cool to an 11 year old!

  • Nickie

    New Yahoo email redesign is HORRENDOUS. Hard on the eyes, difficult to navigate...but it's been going downhill for a long time now. As someone who's had the same email address since 1996, the thought of changing is daunting but this might now be the time. What on earth are they thinking? 

  • Irate Yahoo User

    WHY the HELL does Yahoo change its email layout??? It sucks and now I have to spend weeks to migrate all my correspondence to gmail.

    I have to try change all my folder names into really short ones because they all get cut off after the 11th character.

    Downloading files is problematic on Chrome and Firefox. Nothing happens.

    The threaded approach is really really annoying!

  • Marlowealias

    threaded emails is absurd. it is a stupid idea by google that because they are google seems to have become the 'cool' way to read your mail. ridiculous. and i am incandescent with rage at Yahoo for implementing that system and getting rid of their BRILLIANT "tab" system.

  • Chris

    The new design sucks.  And "threaded email viewing" is not something to be replicated.  Millions of gmail users hate this stupid and confusing feature.