Google's Creativity Secret: No Experience Required

To the Google Garage we go! Where even if you're a lawyer, you get to play with 3-D printers.

In our third and final trip (catch one and two here) inside the Google Garage, we learn the most important aspect of a truly collaborative work space: doors that are always open.

"We want to make sure that it's not just for engineers," says Program Manager Mamie Rheingold. "This is for people in legal, in finance, and sales. This is open to everyone, no experience required."

The creation of the Garage stems from a single question, according to Rheingold, that applies to all members of a company: "What tools do my employees need to be creative?"

Google Program Manager Mamie Rheingold

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  • PablosMUM

    Great advert for Google Glass, leaving the viewer surely questioning, why the main protagonist wasn't herself advertising it..or was it an advert within an advert...

  • AT

    Would have been good to get an example of creativity coming out of google - have been looking hard for one (no, big name things like Google glass and google car dont count as everyday creativity) - do you have any other example ? anything Google has improved after acqusition (including YouTube) - all this hype, when the reality is that Google makes 96% of its money from search - its a huge amount and rest all is the "we are great" crap.

  • Pratik S Khade

    That's really cool.. there are very few companies who could think that way and be successful! Many people fail to understand what value a fresh perspective can add, Go google go...