43_Barbara Brewitt

CEO and CSO, Biomed Comm Inc.
Seattle - WA US

Factoring Growth

A former researcher at the National Institutes of Health, Barbara Brewitt knows growth, as in human growth hormones. Her company's hGH-based formulas purport to treat everything from menopause to fatigue. Whether or not they work, they're generating growth of another sort, thanks to Costco.com, drugstore.com, GNC, and, as of December 2003, Amazon.com.

From Barbara's original entry:

Tell us what you do (or what your team or organization does) and the specific challenge you faced.

In a world where pharmaceutical companies dominate medicine and natural supplements offer quick fixes for health, Dr. Barbara Brewitt is bucking the system. As a former researcher with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) - and with nine (9) International and US patents to her name - she discovered that when it comes to the human body, less is more. She is internationally recognized for her double blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies on human growth hormone and growth factors. Through these studies, she discovered that by simply enhancing the body's ability to communicate with itself on a cellular level, the body achieves optimal immune, nervous and hormonal health. The catch - while many people want you to believe that you need large doses of drugs to "cure" yourself, Dr. Brewitt has proven the opposite. By observing the body's natural responses, she created a system of cell-signal enhancers that utilize diluted doses of a her patented Human Growth Hormone (hGH) to provide effective health solutions at affordable prices that are accessible to the masses. Dr. Brewitt's research flies in the face of both the pharmaceutical and natural product industries that believe external solutions can be found for internal problems.

What was your moment of truth?

As a researcher at the NIH, Dr. Brewitt studied the effects of several medications on cataracts and the eye lens. While most researchers around her were providing the lens with increasingly higher doses of medications - and things were getting worse - she took the opposite approach and continually lowered the dose of growth factors, and it worked. She observed that increasingly high doses of foreign substances could shock the body and shut biological processes down completely. She observed that the body releases low-level "pulses" of hormones to stay in balance and combat disease, rather than releasing hormones in a steady stream. The body takes breaks. This simple discovery shaped all of her subsequent research and is the cornerstone of her product line. She approaches disease as the body would; with low doses of medication administered in a sporadic but predictable pattern. Her solutions integrate practical safety of natural medicines with the rigorous scientific control of modern medicine, at a low-cost that makes optimum health accessible on a worldwide level. As such, Dr. Brewitt provides a sustainable worldwide medical option to an industry and people in need of a healthier future.

What were the results?

In 1996, Dr. Brewitt founded Biomed Comm Inc., which provides a complete line of hGH based cell-signal enhancers available over the counter. Biomed's medicines are uniquely positioned to take advantage of a multi-billion dollar market as they address a variety of issues ranging from PMS and stress to human-immunodeficiency syndrome and autism. Biomed has experienced nearly 300% growth in the mass markets over the past 2 years, leveraging sales relationships with major brick and mortar retailers such as GNC, and Wild Oats, as well as branded e-commerce players such as Costco.com, Drugstore.com, among others. Her groundbreaking approach has resulted in her being a frequent guest speaker and author of numerous articles on subjects ranging from child development to healthy aging, and applications of human growth hormone (hGH) to combinations of CSE(R) growth factors for HIV and autism.

What's your parting tip?

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