Intel Goes Hobbyist

The company has partnered with Arduino to create a Quark-based custom board.

Intel's efforts to stuff its Atom processors into everything from smartphones to tablets haven't been received very well so far—today's world is decidedly more ARM than Intel. So the company's latest move—a partnership with Arduino, the the open-source micro controller board that has been a hit with everyone from enthusiastic tinkerers to enterprising hackers—comes at an interesting stage.

Intel is creating a custom board, the Intel Galileo, that pairs one of the company’s new Quark processors with the other hardware necessary to build Arduino-based devices. Quark, Intel's smallest ever 14-nanometer chip, was revealed last month at its developer conference in San Francisco and is designed to be used in everything from ultra-cheap, sub-$100 tablets to wearable devices.

Intel will donate 50,000 Galileo boards to over a 1,000 universities worldwide over the next 18 months.

In addition to Intel, Arduino is also partnering with Texas Instruments to build the Arduino TRE using the company's Sitara AM335x processor that promises developers over a 100 times more performance over previous generation Arduino controllers.

Image courtesy Arduino

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  • Brian Moreau

    The Arduino
    is an Arduino, It’s a powerful, versatile and more importantly standard format.

    I can see
    this will lead to different standards and compatibility issues.

  • Nate Williams

    Awesome! So glad that Intel is getting into the maker game. Hope they bring something new and interesting to the table-- they certainly have the budget and brainpower to do so.